NetSuite Accounting: A Financial Management Cloud Software


Netsuite is cloud-based business software. It includes ERP, financial management and accounting, e-commerce, CRM, inventory, and warehouse management, among other features. You can access it from any browser, anywhere, at any time. Moreover, it unifies all facets of your organization into one system. NetSuite accounting software eliminates the need for separate software and enables automatic data integration.

Even the basic version is highly flexible and has models for every division, from manufacturing and human resources to financial management. With hundreds of SuiteApp interfaces, it becomes an exclusive business software.

Main Functionalities of NetSuite Accounting Software


NetSuite’s powerful features provide businesses with a breadth of tools so they can make informed decisions. The business-centric features have made it popular among its clients. With its help, your business can keep track of financial information at the corporate level to a minute specific invoice details. 

Real-Time Data

Regardless of the situation of a multi-location setup, NetSuite offers access to real-time data. It helps decision-makers to gather useful information about the entire company. It enables companies to assess the present condition and swiftly make necessary adjustments.

Flexible With Business Expansion

Whether you are looking to expand your business in a single city or internationally, Netsuite can adapt to it quickly. With multiple modules, it can be customized according to your needs. With fewer IT overhead costs, you can scale it to an entirely new level to access various business analytics and productivity reports.

Privacy and Security

Through greater data protection and accident prevention, NetSuite enables stakeholders to make better, data-driven decisions. Moreover, it will give your company a stronger firewall for all of your data. It ensures security in many crucial operations like tax processing and billing, accounting entries, and many more. All your credentials and data will be safe with it and will not be shared by any third party.

Numerous App Integrations

In NetSuite, users will find the exclusive marketplace to download external apps and simply link them with their NetSuite account. A company can create, customize, and integrate solutions tailored to its needs through these interfaces. So, it helps businesses to develop unique solutions for problems unique to their operation or sector.

Customer Relationship Assistance

Maintaining a solid relationship with your stakeholders is beneficial to your company. It is where NetSuite can play a big role. It provides information on the clients and assesses their data. Businesses can use it to create detailed client-centric reports before contacting them via mail or calls.

Major NetSuite Accounting Services

NetSuite may be tailored to a company’s unique requirements, and the software is updated regularly with fresh functionality and services. The business software has a model of accounting. Here are the Netsuite accounting features that you can obtain for your business.

Precise Record Keeping

The very basic service that you will receive from NetSuite Accounting is proper and precise record management of your financials. Companies can adapt NetSuite’s General Ledger to their requirements. It is customizable. The financial module contains the information that employees in financial planning and analysis need to create important reports, such as profit and loss statements and annual reports. It also makes it simple to reconcile accounts with actual revenue by automating billing and vendor payment processes. It will allow your accountants to finish their books on time. With the NetSuite accounting system, you can handle your organization’s finances globally.

Accounting for Payments & Invoicing

The invoicing and accounts receivable tools in NetSuite assist you in streamlining your billing procedure and enhancing cash flow. You can also quickly and effortlessly generate and send invoices, monitor payments, and handle collections with NetSuite’s invoicing features. Using the interface, you can automate bookkeeping and simplify the accounts payable and receivable cycle.

Vendor & Supply Management

With the help of NetSuite services, you can easily control all vendor-related engagements, including resources, communication, bids, and prices. It will help you to create and manage a focused vendor system. By alerting them to impending requests based on anticipated order size, the application assists them in finding the appropriate things to pack and ship on a routine basis. To ensure that nothing is ever lost, the software synchronizes your inventory and workflow. So, it monitors each stage of an item’s path, from makers to wholesalers and consumers.

Inventory Control

Another key feature is the NetSuite Order Management module. This segment of ERP uses cutting-edge technology and cloud computing to prevent losses by tracking orders from reception until they are properly delivered, increasing on-time delivery rates while concurrently lowering costs for expedited shipment. It helps in stronger inventory control and happier customers. It helps in generating profitable revenue.

Controlling Taxes

Businesses can handle domestic and international tax compliance with NetSuite’s tax management capability. The NetSuite accounting software generates clear, in-depth reports that are comparatively simple to utilize. Also, the software has all current world currencies and exchange rates pre-configured. Its solid framework guarantees accessibility, digitization, and also efficient control and management of taxes in a global context. With regard to understanding, tracking, computing, and paying various sorts of taxes in accordance with sales and purchases of goods and services, NetSuite offers an amazing function.

Cash Management

This function enables businesses to instantly and worldwide manage their cash. You can keep track of employee spending, vendor invoices, and business credit card expenses with NetSuite’s expenditure management tools.  Moreover, it delivers precise reports to monitor bank accounts, liquidity, and tax compliance. Thus, it enables your accounting department to plan strategically with the company’s cash flow. Additionally, you can draft expense reports and send them in for review.

Fixed Asset Management

NetSuite provides you the ability to automate your firm’s investment management procedures and do rid of manual labor and paperwork. With NetSuite’s fully integrated solution, you get a configurable net investment computing system, comprehensive asset reporting, a convenient single version of the information for your investments, and a seamless connection with NetSuite’s core accounting systems. So, you can utilize support for all depreciation techniques and control the entire asset lifecycle.

Easy Workforce Management

Among the long list of services you get from NetSuite accounting software is managing your workforce. The Workforce Management module is the ideal option for businesses with a higher percentage of hourly workers. It also includes payroll services that send salaries to employees automatically, add the necessary taxes accordingly, and often manage expense updates. When you integrate NetSuite, you can monitor staff hours and attendance and assess leaves and other factors like employee productivity. NetSuite’s financial management cloud service handles all your payroll activities and complies with state, federal, and local payroll regulations. Thus, it removes the burden of manual payroll with automation.

Financial Projections and Planning

Businesses can shape the financial future with NetSuite’s planning, budgeting, and forecasting features based on real-time information. By knowing your financial performance, making wise decisions, and monitoring your progress in relation to your objectives, you can manage your business more successfully with the help of NetSuite’s financial planning and analysis tools. It utilizes the company’s data to anticipate sales, create what-if scenarios, and create precise budgets. Hence, simplified projections will help you make smarter financial decisions.

What is the Cost of NetSuite Accounting Software?

NetSuite accounting software pricing varies from $25,000 to $100,000. Pricing relies on the company’s size and complexity as well as the NetSuite partner it decides to collaborate with. The starting price for a monthly membership is $99. However, the final cost will vary depending on the business solution.

It varies depending on the product configuration that your business chooses, the number of users overall, the add-on modules, the length of the contract, and the requirements unique to your industry. So, it can be a great accounting solution if the business is expanding overseas and you foresee needing an ERP platform to handle everything.

NetSuite Accounting vs. Quickbooks vs. Xero

NetSuite is probably not the best choice for smaller companies with simple bookkeeping and invoicing needs. It is mainly because of the high price of subscriptions. For small businesses, Quickbooks and Xero are the better options. The monthly plan ranges from $15 to $49.

On the other hand, NetSuite software can be challenging to install and run. Netsuite consultants are also expensive compared to other cloud accounting software. If you are a beginner, it is simple to become overwhelmed. New users and teams need the training to get the most out of NetSuite. In comparison, Quickbooks and Xero are user-friendly and can be easily integrated with your business.

Regarding data security, all three cloud accounting software are almost the same. All three give more than a hundred apps integration for smoother business processes.

Moreover, Quickbooks and Xero have numerous advantages like enhanced onboarding and improved user interface and navigation. Utilizing Xero and Quickbooks, small businesses will have effective project management and payroll handling at lower costs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NetSuite accounting software suitable for small businesses?

Small businesses have fewer accounting requirements, and their budget is also low. NetSuite is expensive software, so it is only suitable for large businesses.

What is NetSuite accounting software?

NetSuite cloud accounting software enables the business to manage payables and receivables, taxes, transactions, and close the books. It also provides accurate reporting on time and gives you more control over your financial assets.

What qualifications are needed to take the Netsuite Tutorial?

One should be familiar with the following prerequisites.
●     Basic understanding of CRM and ERP procedures.
●     Business requirements mapping’s core concept.
●     Understanding of combined reporting.

What distinguishes NetSuite from QuickBooks?

Quickbooks offers the simplest accounting duties like invoicing, mileage tracking, and payroll. On the other hand, NetSuite provides capabilities like a customer relationship management (CRM) tool and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool.

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