California Inflation Stimulus Checks: Financial Help By the FTB

California inflation stimulus checks

The California authority decided to help Californian families. And for this, Governor Newsom had a state budget of $307.9 Billion. This budget includes 17 billion in stimulus relief packages to help families. Eligible families will receive a feature called the middle-class tax refund. $1050 will be credited to their account to help with high gas prices and inflation. California inflation stimulus checks payments started in October, and the government is almost done paying the eligible families. The payments that were supposed to be paid through bank accounts are made, and the debit card receivers are practically done.

Who will get a check, and how will the payments be made? Or how small amount the families will get are some most vital details about this government’s people-serving activity.

Let’s discuss the same in this blog.

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a California Inflation Stimulus Check

Eligibility for California inflation stimulus checks

Billions of families will receive a Stimulus check.  But not every family or every person is eligible for this reimbursement. The California Stimulus Checks eligibility requires a couple of criteria that should be followed by the family that is applying. They are here:

  • You should have filed your 2020 tax return by October 15, 2021.
  • According to CA AGI (California adjusted gross income), if you are filing a tax file for yourself only, your annual gross income should be less than $250,0000. While filling for someone else, the income should be between $500,000.
  • Should be a California resident for at least 6 months in 2020.
  • Make sure the applicant was not eligible as a dependent on the 2020 tax return.

  • On the payment issuing date, the applicant should be a California resident.

These criteria should be met while applying for a stimulus check.

California Stimulus Payment Amount

This range can vary between $200-$1050. It entirely depends on your adjusted annual gross income, tax filing status, and your dependency according to the 2020 tax return. Here is the amount of payment depending on CA AGI.

Filing Status- Married and Filing Jointly

CA AGI on 2020 Tax Return   Payment for Dependents Payment for Independents
$150,000 or less                    $1,050 $700  
$150,001 to $250,000             $750 $250
$250,001 to $500,000             $600 $400  
$500,001 or more                    Not Eligible Not Eligible  

Filing Status: Single or Married but Filing Separately

CA AGI on 2020 Tax Return   Payment for Dependents Payment for Independents
$75000 or less $700 $350  
$75,001 to 125,000                $500 $250
$125,001 to 250,000              $400 $200  
$250,001 or more        Not Eligible Not Eligible  

Filing Status: Head of The Household Or A Qualifying Widow

CA AGI on 2020 Tax Return   Payment for Dependents Payment for Independents
$150,000 or less                    $700 $350  
$150,001 to $250,000             $500 $250
$250,001 to $500,000             $400 $200  
$500,001 or more      Not Eligible Not Eligible  

These are the amount of your California stimulus check amount during inflation, based on 2020 tax return.

When Will California Get Inflation Stimulus Checks?

According to current data, approximately 23 million residents of California applied for stimulus checks.  And they all will get their payment. That means half of the whole state’s residents will get a review. FTB, California’s Franchise Tax Board, will issue this payment via direct account transfer or debit cards.

  • If you received any of the two previous Golden State stimulus payments by direct deposit, then you should have received them between October 7 to October 25.

  • If you filed your 2020 tax return electronically and got a refund by direct deposit, you should receive your payment by November 14 via direct deposit.

  • Now, the rest of the amount will be distributed via debit card payment. A resident can expect a middle-class tax refund via. Debit cards by the 15th of January, 2023.

  • According to FTB’s statements, 90% of all the payments should issue in October, and 95% should be issued by the end of this economic year.

What To Do If Someone Has Not Filed A 2020 Tax Return?

In case some of the permanent residents of California did not file the 2020 tax return, then the resident cannot apply for California Inflation Stimulus checks refunds.

The only exception is for those who applied for an ITIN number (individual taxpayer identification number) and have yet to receive it by 15th October 2021. Recently the state has been increasing the funding for several social programs like SSI (Social Security Income) and SSP (state supplementary payment). These payments help about 1 million seniors and disabled citizens. In this economic year, the SSP or SSI will increase to $39 for a single person and $100 for a couple.

The CalWORKS Grant will also increase. Which is for helping eligible families with money and services.

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Other Benefits of The Inflation Relief Package

With the help of the inflation relief package, approximately 17 billion families will get a refund 0f between $200-$1050. However, this package comes with many other benefits that a resident can enjoy.

  • $1.95 billion is reserved for qualified tenants with low income who applied for assistance before March 31, 2022.

  • $1.4 billion is reserved to cover residents’ passed utility bills.

  • This package will contain $14.8 billion for infrastructure and transportation.

  • California’s 2022-23 budget also provides health coverage to top residents with low income and aged between 26 to 49.

So, this was a detailed overall look at Inflation stimulus checks in California.

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Who gets California inflation relief checks?

Single persons with an annual gross income of 75000 or less than that are eligible for a full refund. Whereas for joint filers, the income can be $150,000.

How much is the California stimulus check 2022?

California stimulus check or the middle-class refund can be between $200-$1050. It ultimately depends on your tax return for 2022.

When can I expect my California stimulus check in 2022?

According to FTB’s statements, 90% of all the payments should issue in October, and 95% should be issued by the end of this financial year. Direct deposits should be made between October 7 to October 25. And the debit card holders can expect a refund by 15th January 2023.

Can I track my inflation relief check?

Unfortunately, the government does not give any facility to follow. You never know when the FTB-issued refund will hit your mailbox.

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