How To Amend Articles of Incorporation in California: Step by Step Guide!

amend articles of incorporation California

The majority of California businesses will eventually amend the articles of incorporation in California (AOI). It’s critical to understand what details you should update with the state. Not sure where to start? See what we can do to assist and learn how to modify a amend articles of organization in California.

Steps to Amend Articles of Incorporation California

amend articles of incorporation California

Step 1 – Identify If There is a Need to Change Your Articles of incorporation California

In the course of managing a business, changes frequently occur. In reality, most organizations will go through changes for a number of reasons. Make sure to update your corporation’s information with the Secretary of State whenever with the information included in the articles of amendment California changes. There are several more reasons why it is essential that you update your California articles of incorporation amendment, in addition to the fact that doing so is mandatory by state law. For instance, modifying your articles of incorporation in California appropriately helps guarantee that your company continues to:

  • Get the benefits of being a registered company
  • Give out the correct information to the public
  • Receive legal notices

To summarize, keeping your corporation’s information up to date makes it easier for third parties to contact you in case of emergency, gives information about your registered agent, and aids in helping your company stay in compliance with state laws.

Is There Any Kind of Penalty If I Don’t Amend the California Articles of Incorporation?

When you fail to amend your California article of incorporation properly, there is a high chance you will get your business in trouble.

This may hinder you from receiving a Certificate of Status, which may cause a variety of additional issues. For instance, other parties conducting business with your corporation could ask for a Certificate of Status to confirm the legitimacy of your company before enabling you to:

  • Enter into the contract
  • apply for loans
  • Open new bank accounts

Step 2 – Overview of Your Requirements for California Amendment

You must submit a California Certificate of Incorporation revision in order to change your articles of incorporation in California (Certificate of Amendment). By submitting the Amendment certificate to the Secretary of State, you can change the information stated in your articles of organization California. The state may additionally demand supporting attachments that justify the revisions, depending on the changes being made.

What Modifications Demand Reporting in Amendment Articles?

It is important that you know there are a few things that cannot be changed in the Amendment Articles. Here are the things that you cannot change:

  • Name and location of the initial registered agent
  • The mailing address of the corporation.
  • The name and address of the founding

It is possible to alter the registered agent’s name and address as well as the address of the corporation. To do this, you will have to necessitate a separate filing.

Step 3 – File Your California Amendment Articles of Incorporation

Make sure you have all the necessary information before submitting your amendment articles of incorporation in California. Specifically, you will need the seven-digit Entity Number assigned to the corporation by the Secretary of State upon creation, together with the name of the corporation as it was first recorded with the Secretary of State, and any abbreviations included.

Comparing the Restatement of Articles of Incorporation and the California Certificate of Amendment

Although a Restatement of amend articles of incorporation in California and an Amendment certificate may seem similar, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between the two.

The original Articles of Incorporation continue to be in effect even after you file a California Amendment certificate. The only thing that has changed is the data that the Amendment certificate has added or amended.

On the other hand, submitting restated articles of incorporation entirely replaces the original articles. Alternatively, the Articles of Incorporation and any revisions may be consolidated into a single document for ease of reference by using the Restated Articles of Incorporation.

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How to file a California Corporation Amendment

You must submit an Amendment certificate of Articles of Incorporation form to the California Secretary of State (SOS) by mail or in person if you want to modify your California articles of incorporation. Make checks out to the Secretary of State. If you deliver documents in person, make sure to pay the special handling fee separately.

How will you return the corporation amendment?

The SOS will send you two stamped copies at no cost at the location you specify on the form if you submit precise copies together with your certificate of modification. You must provide extra copies of the certificate and pay $8 for each additional copy if you need more than two.

Can you amend a California Corporation by changing the officers or directors?

No, You must submit the Statement of Information form in order to update the corporation’s officer or director information. You only need to file a statement of information form to amend an already-filed statement if something changes between filing periods. The filing of an amended statement is free.

Can the postal address and primary office address be changed on a corporation amendment?

No, To submit changes to your postal address or office address, utilize the Statement of Information form.
You can easily update a previously filed statement if there are changes between necessary statements by filing a statement of information form. The filing of an updated statement is free.

Would it be possible to restate the original articles rather than file an amendment?

Yes, You must send or personally deliver the Restate amended articles of incorporation California form, two copies, and the $30 filing fee to the California Secretary of State if you want to amend the original articles. A new amendment might be included in the restated articles.

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