Ultimate Guide to Automated Bookkeeping With The Pros & Cons

Ultimate Guide To Automated Bookkeeping With the Pros and Cons

Small businesses may feel that automated bookkeeping might not be a good investment for them as they are just starting out and just hire a good bookkeeper or CFO. But the fact is that it would be the best decision to have accounting software integrated with their business. This blog will explain to you exactly why accounting automation could be the best decision for your small business. The full power of financial staff and accountants is unlocked by modern software. Also, discover the features and advantages that accounting software must include.

What is Automated Bookkeeping?

The entire accounting process can be reimagined with the use of automation tools. Modern solutions are error-free and require little human input to finish tasks. The most labor-intensive tasks a bookkeeper performs during the course of their day are automated.  These programs take care of the computation and transaction monitoring for you. Thus, it allows members of your team to focus on more strategic activities like planning investments or budgets.

Moreover, you can produce reports with just only a few clicks using built-in algorithms. Building extensive ledger files and entering many rows of data are no longer an issue. Automated bookkeeping streamlines the accounting process as a whole and simplifies items that were challenging once.

How Software Works to Process Automated Bookkeeping?

The easiest way to understand how automation in bookkeeping works is by categorizing it into subsets. However, in brief, the manual tasks that an accountant does to maintain your books are all done through machine learning via accounting software.

  • Categorizing: Accounting software can categorize transactions. Instead of understanding the transaction one by one, the program can read thousands of transactions and update all of them at once. This allows the data to be updated accurately as compared to manual categorization.
  • Investigating:  Transactions may be verified and validated using machine learning technology, which can then estimate the level of trust. Even more, it has the ability to comment on unknown transaction activity and offers advice on unclassified transactions.
  • Interpreting: With that amount of information, it becomes hard for humans to interpret the data. Hence the software makes it easier for us by providing reports, feedback, and growth.

What Features an Automated Bookkeeping Software Should Have?


The type of software your company will utilize is entirely dependent on the nature of your industry and the integrated accounting systems you have. Second, the software varies depending on the size of the firm; small businesses use one type of software, while major enterprises use another. Here are the few necessary tasks that your automated bookkeeping should offer you.

Reports and Analysis

The accounting software you are using should be able to provide you with a quick and accessible overview of your financials.

The software should be able to analyze the major aspects of the business and present them accordingly. It should also provide regular updates regarding pending issues, financial activities, etc.

User Security and Authorization

Financial data is very confidential for any organization. The software must have high security to access the data.

The software should be able to secure data, but if in case any data is lost, then there should be a tracking system where the authorities can check the leak and correct it as soon as possible.

Payment Processing

Many accounting systems even let you pay the bills online. You can even collect payments from vendors, and the transactions should update themselves.

The latest accounting systems allow making payments which saves the time for you and the hassle of making large payments. The collection process is also simple by notifying the payers.

HR and Payroll

It is mandatory that your system has the option for HR and Payroll because that’s a huge task that’s off your head. They make payrolls really easy by just sorting out the salaries.

The updated automated accounting processes even have biometrics to manage the attendance of the staff. With the help of accounting software, you can manage leaves, holidays, events, and everything. So make sure you use the one that is most compatible and flexible for your business.

Compatible with Other Business Software

Just having accounting software is not enough. It should also be compatible with other software that your business used. This makes the functioning of the organization very efficient as all the application is integrated into one.

The accounting software you choose must be able to integrate payroll, inventory, CRMs, shipping, and sales all into it so that you can manage and record everything in one place.

Benefits Of Automated Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping automation can be your best decision ever, especially if you are a small business. Here are some benefits it will provide:

Less Room for Errors

Moving a large amount of data from one location to another is required for recording, classifying, and reconciling your transactions. No matter how much time and effort you put into this task, there is always a chance that you may make a small error.

Your bookkeeping process gains an additional level of assurance with automated bookkeeping. You’re left with more dependable financial data that gives you more peace of mind.

Get Recent Updates on your Finances

Automated bookkeeping software is not just reliable but also faster. Where the traditional method was that the accounting team sat together and get the reports ready, whereas these accounting systems generated these reports within no time, which save time for the whole team.

Reduce the Time you Spend on Boring Chores

If you’ve always kept your books manually, you probably already allot a certain amount of time each week or month to handle your books.

With automated accounting, you can devote more of that time to activities with a greater economic return, such as creating financial statements and assessing the health of your company. It aids in making strategic company decisions that affect your long-term profitability.

Organized Resource Allocations

With an organized set of tools, you can utilize your resources in an efficient way to have more clean records.  It helps you to reduce overhead expenses and increase your profits. When you choose to automate your bookkeeping, you will have a more solid picture of your business. 

More Affordable than Hiring an Accountant

Another advantage of converting your bookkeeping to online mode is huge savings. The cost of getting online bookkeeping software is low compared to hiring in-house bookkeeping. You can choose from a monthly plan or an annual plan and pay for only needed activities. 

Increased Productivity of your Business

When a business incorporates excellent accounting software that works well with its requirements, productivity generally increases. Thus, automating your accounting gives you clear-cut information, reduced wastage of time, increased resources, etc.

Disadvantages of Accounting Automation

There are also negative aspects of moving your bookkeeping to online platforms. Here are the risks which your business may suffer.

Continuous Maintenance is Necessary

The software requires continuous updation to remove any bugs and add any new features. It is very important for businesses to install and run the most recent version of the application. Otherwise, your process can get slow down.

Hidden Charges

There are no hidden charges in reliable and trustworthy online accounting platforms. For example, Quickbooks break out all the fees and charges and don’t incur any additional charges. If you choose poorly rated bookkeeping software, you may have to pay extra hidden charges. 

Risk of Losing Data

Your data could be at risk if you use online or cloud-based accounting software. It can happen to even the biggest, most protected businesses. Moreover, if you decide to choose poorly rated accounting automation platforms, your data can also have to risk being shared with a third party. 

Requires Trained Professionals

Another disadvantage of implementing automated bookkeeping is that you will need specialized hands and minds to input your data. The software can be complex. Thus it is essential to hire a professional, but it will cost an extra load on your budget. 

Does Your Startup Need Automated Bookkeeping?

Due to the necessity of meeting crucial customer requests, the difficulties of operating with a small staff frequently outweigh the business-building potential. It is a major concern for the majority of startups and small firms. In the long run, this could cause the company to fail. Therefore, it can be very helpful to upgrade your bookkeeping with automation to understand your financial status better. Bookkeeping software lessens administrative responsibilities and vulnerabilities that can result in errors, particularly when calculating amounts owing to the company or during tax season.

However, bookkeeping automation largely depends on the needs of the firm, its size, its customers, its suppliers, and other considerations. If you are confused about how to set up accounting automation and how to handle it, then you don’t have to look further. Automated Bookkeeping Services With The Bookify can resolve all your worries and link your records quickly specific to your needs. 

3 Best Bookkeeping Automation Platforms

When you start your search for accounting software, you’ll come across many software but make sure they are compatible with your business and have the benefits and features we have listed above.

Here are the top 3 accounting systems that are most likely to be compatible with all kinds of businesses:

  • Quickbooks

QuickBooks automation is a software solution that provides the user a dashboard to track expenses of any kind, manage payroll activities, prepare for tax season and integrate with all your other business software.

The online bookkeeping platform also has advanced accounting features and the ability to provide deep insight into your financial activities. It also provides a generalized report that is easy and fast to understand.

  • Xero

This is a software dedicated to small businesses online accounting and bookkeeping services. It has all the functions a small business will need to integrate with its financial management. You can access this software from anywhere it is also available on your phone.

The features of Xero give you the ability to track and pay bills online, review the overall cash flow, and use the expense management tool to claim expenses.

  • NetSuite

A cloud ERP is offered by the company management program NetSuite. With the help of its accounting software, you may automate accounts payable, optimize accounts receivable, manage taxes, and convert your general ledger to a digital one.

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What are the advantages of automated accounting?

Human bookkeepers are relieved of repetitive accounting duties, including manual data input, bank statement reconciliation, and financial reports by accounting automation software. Automation frees up accountants to offer financial advice, predictions, and analyses by performing laborious, time-consuming activities.

Does online accounting software is affordable than in-house bookkeepers?

The cost of integrating your records onto cloud-based accounting platforms is very less than hiring a professional bookkeeper. There are various plans available on the platforms which can save you from paying for unnecessary activities also.

Do I have to update my online accounting tool?

Yes, you have to constantly update your online accounting tool as it will help you to remove any bugs. Also, any changes in the financial laws will automatically be integrated as a feature with the help of installing newer versions. 

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