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If you need any help Accounting Services for Startup,  TheBookify will help you select the right business entity to grow your firm exponentially.

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Why does a STARTUP need our services?

Every big company was a startup once, and if you have the desire to be on the top charts of the market, you might put emphasis to solidify your financial expertise. The Bookify is simply what you are missing to boost your financial structure .

We know starting a startup can be a hectic and mind-boggling experience. So are you simply looking for someone to make it easy for you?

Don't worry!


You are right where you need to be; that is with us, the Bookify!

This is how we make it easy for you.

  • The bookify assures that any business is assisted with the optimum service required to ensure growth. We at The BOOKIFY believe that STARTUPS need a perfect start in terms of financial services and assistance.
  • Availing of our services will simplify the complex and hectic difficulties of a STARTUP and ensure an easy start along with larger productivity and simplicity.

What are the benefits of joining The Bookify for your startup?

  • At the Bookify, we suggest that Startups are the ventures that do need financial assistance, consulting and other services the most.
  • Availing of such services at the start of your business ensures a boosted growth and a quick possibility of expanding.
  • Our consultation department holds expertise in such areas as they assist our clients with absolutely everything a promising STARTUP should have.

What is the work process for your STARTUP at the Bookify?

Firstly, our team will understand the structure of your STARTUP, primarily based on your vision of the Startup.

Secondly, based on the perception of STARTUP. Our expert team will assist you with all the professional knowledge and wisdom you might need to boost your venture.  

Our services and consultation will revolve around the market area your business will look to target.

Thirdly, the Bookify simply has vital knowledge of your potential competition in the market, and the services provided to you will attempt to keep you on the top.

Also, the Bookify provides a free trial of its service to simply give you an experience of what we are known for.

What software does the Bookify use?

At the Bookify, we believe in keeping our interface smooth and easy to access. Xero and QUICKBOOKS are the premium software we rely on.

1. When should I look for professional help in a STARTUP?

There is no absolute time to look for professional help other than when you start your startup. It will ensure a kickstart of your venture. However, you may avail our services at any time when you decide to make things easy for you.

2. Is availing of the BOOKIFY service for a start-up cost-efficient ?

The Bookify has various plans from which you may choose the suitable one. The plans are themselves cost-efficient in terms of price. Also, availing of the service gives you access to various cost-efficient solutions to your everyday requirements or problems.

Do I need to renew my license?

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What our clients say

We are a small tech start-up and were looking for incorporation. The Bookify helped us out in acquiring the right business entity. With their expertise, we are able to save a lot of dollars and put that money into other resources. Because of their outstanding support, last month, we also handed over our payroll management to The Bookify.

Fine Solutions
Fine Solutions

We are a small-scale business, but our business has many tax complexities. Since we moved items to many cities, it was challenging to maintain tax compliance in each of them. The Bookify bailed us by taking over our tax preparation and filing department. It is due to their service we are a profitable business now.

Fred Packers and Movers
Fred Packers and Movers

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    Let’s start the journey towards success and enhance revenue for your business.  Take your company to the next level with affordable bookkeeping services. 

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    Don’t think of all the mess finance creates in mind while starting-up a business. That is our job to do!

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    Noticing profits? Don’t let the complex bookkeeping and accounting issues break that momentum. Trust our Accounts executive.

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    Expanding brings revenue but can also be hectic. Get the best accounting solutions for your maturing business.

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    We can help you curate the finance strategy just the way you want. Obviously, with suggestions from the Accounts Executives.

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