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Why do you need a CPA for Lodging Facilities?

At bookify, we provide CPA services for the Lodging department. Lodging is a centrepiece of the hospitality industry and can be challenging to manage. 

  • It’s here that businesses must interact with guests and provide quality service while balancing profit margins. 
  • Bookify has provided accountant services to Lodging departments for over 25 years, and we’re thrilled to work with hoteliers in this industry. 
  • A great partnership with a top-notch company like Bookify makes sure our guests are well taken care of.
  • Bookify is a leading provider of custom billing solutions for hotels and resorts.
Accountants for Lodging Facilities
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CPA services for lodging facilities
Benefits of getting CPA services for your lodging business

As the name implies, CPA stands for cost per acquisition. This means you pay for a lead converted into a new customer.

  •  Hotels and other hospitality providers can use this service to get highly targeted traffic ready to book rooms.
  • Hotel owners can experience several benefits from partnering with a CPA to help them with their taxes. 
  • The hoteliers’ most common uses include simplified tax preparation, increased cash flow, and streamlined financial processes.
  • If you want to increase your occupancy rates and revenue, you must invest in your marketing and customer service. A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) can help you with both.
  • We can provide you with essential information about increasing your occupancy rates and the best ways to make your customers happy.
  1. Assess the client and estimate the fair market value of the assets to be transferred
  2. Provide a detailed accounting of the assets to be transferred
  3. Determine the tax cost of each asset
  4. Calculate the tax savings that will result from the transfer
  5. Calculate the taxable gain or loss on the transfer by taking into account any difference in the fair market value and tax cost of any asset that is being transferred
  6. Determine the appropriate tax

The work process of a professional accountant for lodging facilities is a complicated business. Auditing, tax planning and tax preparation are just some of the tasks that CPA’s are responsible for. In order to be successful at this job, they need to be able to organize and plan their work in advance and have a good understanding of taxation law in their jurisdiction.

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For the data of the firm, we utilise the best software. Xero and Quickbooks are two of the most popular accounting software programmes.

xero accounting software
quickbook accounting software

What our clients say

The Bookify has been managing our bookkeeping from the early stages of our business. They are professional and stay updated about tax laws and trends. It is because of their timely service and communication transparency we decided to hand over our payroll activities to The Bookify too.

Orchid Hotels
Orchid Hotels

Our resort has over 200 employees, and it was tough for us to maintain their payroll records. We hired The Bookify to ease our burden. They maintain each employee's records, their leaves, and overtime payments. We appreciate the Bookify team for handling our payroll in an excellent manner.

Bell Resort
Bell Resort

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